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Hide the Newsstand icon on iPhone, iPad and iPod without jailbreak

febrero 12, 2020


Complete and detailed guide to hide Newsstand icon on iPhone, iPad and iPod without jailbreak

Here is a complete guide that finally allows you to hide the newsstand application on iPhone, iPad and iPod in a folder without the need for jailbreak.

Users with an iPhone, iPod and iPad updated to iOS 6 can now hide the icon of the Newsstand application and put it inside a folder.

Jailbreak is not necessary and the procedure is simple and fast.

Let's see how.

Here is the complete guide to hide the Newsstand application in a folder on iPhone, iPod and iPad without Jailbreak

A few days ago, an application for Mac has been available that allows you to insert the icon of the Newsstand folder into any folder on the iPhone, iPod and iPad, so as to hide it from view and free up space on the Home.

The application is calledStifleStandand does not require jailbreak to be used on iPhone and iPad.

The procedure to follow to hide the Newsstand icon on iPhone, iPad and iPod very simple:

1. Download the application from this linke launch it (currently the app available only for Mac)

2. Connect the device (iOS 5 or higher required) to the computer via USB and make sure StifleStand detects it.

3. Find the Newsstand icon on your device and open it

4. Click on the Hide Newsstand button from the Mac application

5. Now you will create a folder called Magic, inside which you will automatically insert a Newsstand icon

6. At this point you can change the name of this folder and insert other icons, as you normally do with other folders in iOS

ATTENTION: we remind you that in this way the Newsstand application cannot be used, therefore it is necessary to remove it from the folder in order to launch it.

Here is a video that explains everything step by step, even if, as you have seen, the procedure is very simple.

In this way, we have hidden the Newsstand icon inside a folder on iPhone, iPod and iPad.

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