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Here's how to gift an app from the new iOS 6 App Store. [GUIDA]

febrero 12, 2020


A simple guide on how to gift an app from the new iOS Sore App.

Although not everyone knows this in the new version of the Apple operating system, iOS 6 the possibility of giving an app directly from theApp Store been removed; or so it seemed. So don't despair, you can still give apps from the iPhone, as the function has not been removed, but "hidden". So let's see how to give an app.

We apologize if the process is slow, cumbersome and difficult to remember, but unfortunately the only way for now. But let's get down to it, and here's the guide.

First step: first of course you will have to open the App Store of your iPhone, iPod or iPad updated to iOS 6 and position yourself on the screen of the application you intend to give.

Second step: at this point, press the share button at the top right and click on "copy link". In doing so, the link of the iTunes Store relating to the application you want to give will be copied to the iOS clipboard, ready to be pasted.

Third step: Now you have to open the default "Notes" application and paste the application link.

Fourth step: ThereforeStep 4: At this point, in the same note (only for convenience) copy the following link: https: // Gift = 1 & salableAdamId = XXXXXXXXX & productType = C & pricingParameter = STDQ

Fifth step: at this point you will have to replace in the second link the ID of the application you want to give. You can get the application ID from the first link you pasted. Once you have identified and copied the numeric ID, paste it and replace it in the second link (the one that starts with buy.itunes) where you will find the X's. Then copy the link obtained and paste it in a Safari window.

Sixth step: now just follow the instructions of the App Store: you will need to enter your information for the payment of the application, the name and email address of the person to whom you want to give the application, and then confirm everything and send your gift.

Certainly not a very simple and fast procedure, but since there is a dedicated screen, we cannot exclude that in the next Apple updates, this feature will not return natively.In the meantime, if you have the need to give an app, you have a way to do it without resort to a computer with iTunes.

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