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Google prepares another Play Store, only for China

febrero 12, 2020

Mountain View will play by local rules after leaving the country in controversy with the local government

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Google's return to China takes place through the apps: as Reuters reports, the search engine giant would have decided to open a branch of its Play store on Chinese soil, the same soil on which the same company no longer ventured after having made the luggage in 2010. According to agency sources, the virtual store will be disconnected from its international version and will be built specifically for the new market.

After the frictions with the local government that led to abandoning support for products in China, it therefore seems that Google has agreed toplay by the rules. In particular, the law down there requires that the servers necessary for the operation of the platform reside in the territory and that the contents deemed sensitive by the government are filtered: two conditions that the Mountain View house would have accepted.

The servers should be powered on at February 2016, coinciding with the Chinese New Year, and would allow the company to return with its services (of which only the front door of the Play Store) on a key territory for the future of any hi-tech reality and beyond.


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