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From Skullcandy new and versatile models of headphones, also for iPhone

The manufacturer of 360-degree sports accessories Skullcandy offers four new pairs of earphones and headphones, suitable for all types of listening needs. Let's see an indicative overview.


LowriderThe Lowriders belong to the light headphones category of the Skullcandy sports line. The circle hides a 40mm speaker. Thanks to headphones up to 90 and a unique system for folding the frame in a small space, the Lowrider Skullcandies show considerable comfort. Available in red, blue, metallic green, pink, purple, black / silver, green / silver at the sale price of 49 euros.


ICON RecruitUltra light, the Icon Recruit cap made especially for sports activities; thanks to its 45 grams of weight, it will comfortably allow gymnastic activities without any hindrance. LaIcon Recruit available for 29 euros in black, pink and blue, red / white and black / yellow color variants.


FMJ for iPhoneCompatible with iPhone, the FMJ have a metal cable that can be divided into two parts, to decide whether to have a longer or shorter wire depending on the needs of the moment. The cable also integrates a microphone for the telephone function, very useful for interfacing with the Apple mobile phone. The cost of 79 euros.


ChopsThe Chops model positions itself firmly around the ear, easily allowing various physical activities in all comfort. Versatile and ergonomic, the Chops are available in black, silver / white, purple and white / green, at a price of 20 euros.