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Films also coming on iTunes UK and Canada

febrero 12, 2020

Apple is also launching movie downloads in the UK and Canada. The indiscretion leaks from the pages of The Times which cites sources familiar with the negotiations and informed of the facts.

For now, the studios have signed six agreements: Disney, Paramount, Twentieth Century Fox, Warner Brothers, LionsGate and MGM. The only ones excluded from the "big" ones would be Universal, which has always had a very difficult relationship with Apple and Sony. The films, as in the US, would be on sale "once and for all" and for rent and would be made available with timelines established with the same film companies. Since this is another market, it is said that the release is contextual to that foreseen for the USA, which, as for the United States, is expected to launch the films together with the release on DVD. What seems safe, at least according to the Times, that the costs will not be different from those of "physical" DVDs, which means for the UK between 6 and 25 pounds. This would have been a precise clause required by the film companies.

The date on which the service will be launched has not yet been defined. Part of the agreement would also be the introduction in Canada, a market for which The Times does not provide details, although it can be thought that the conditions will be the same, at least in general terms, applied in the United Kingdom.

Recall that the United Kingdom was the first European nation to present TV shows on iTunes, followed closely by Germany and now also by France. It is probable that this sequence will also be respected for feature films.

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