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ezGear Video Cable connects your new iPod (or iPhone) to the TV

febrero 12, 2020

iPods and iPhones are not only excellent gadgets dedicated to portability, but they can be useful entertainment companions if combined with a TV, to view photos and videos contained in the player.

We know that with the introduction of the new iPod models, the accessories for the video connection must necessarily be equipped with the notorious Apple Authentication Chip, without which the Apple players cannot interface with a TV.

ezGear has adapted and will soon release the ezGear Video Cable on the market: the accessory, equipped with the aforementioned chip, an RCA cable that allows the connection of all the latest iPod models (iPod Touch, iPhone, iPod Classic, iPod nano) 3G) to a TV.

In addition to the RCA connection, there is also a USB auxiliary cable, to allow you to keep your device in charge during playback. The ezGear Video Cable will be sold at $ 39.99 through the dealers listed on the official website of the manufacturer; for those wishing to book it in advance there is an additional 10 dollar discount.


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