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Expression 1680 and 1680 Pro scanners from Epson

Expression 1680 a color flatbed scanner in A4 format also available in the ?Pro? version (with reader for slides and negatives in A4 format included).

The optical resolution of 1600 × 3200 dpi (12800 × 12800 dpi with interpolation), the 48 bit color depth at input and output, and the optical density of 3.6 Dmax (the highest, according to Epson, in a scanner of this class). The very good acquisition speed (32 seconds for an A4 color document at 400 dpi and 11 seconds for an A4 b / w document at 300 dpi).

A proprietary technology called "MicroStep Drive" allows to reach vertical resolutions from 1 to 4 times the optical ones, also thanks to a "stepper" motor that produces micro-movements of the trolley.

LaserSoft SilverFast Ai ver. 5.1.2, with IT8 calibration, a software supplied that allows you to control the scanning process and to optimize the reproduction and calibration of colors through photo editing on the fundamental image settings, before the final scan. The presence of two IT8 targets (only in the Pro version) allows an even more precise calibration of the ICC profiles. The focal distortion caused by the presence of image supports to be acquired, which do not allow direct contact between the image and the scanner glass, corrected Dual Focus function (moon function that is automatically activated in the presence of the reader for slides and negatives).

The Expression 1680 equipped with USB and SCSI interface and, optionally, IEEE 1394 Firewire interface. The list price of Lit.1.930.000 (+ VAT). The "Pro" version, on the other hand, costs 2,630,000 lire + VAT. (Edited by Newton)