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Buy iPhone 5 by subscription: here are all the prices in comparison

febrero 12, 2020


Do you want to buy iPhone 5 by subscription with 3, Vodafone or TIM? Here are the prices and rates of Italian operators in comparison.

In the night between Thursday and Friday the new iPhone 5 will finally arrive in Italy too.

The 16GB model, we remember, will cost 729. The others, of course, will be more expensive.

Not all iPhone 5 buyers can afford to shell out a similar amount for a smartphone, so many have decided to purchase iPhone 5 by subscription with a telephone operator. This will allow you to defer the payment in the future, having the opportunity to buy your smartphone immediately.

To do some clarity, here are all of you the rates proposed by the Italian telephone operators to purchase the iPhone 5 by subscription.

Below are the tariffe of 3 Italia, TIM and Vodafone to buy iPhone 5 with a subscription plan.

I point out, however, that pTo compare the different promotions and choose the rate that best suits your needs, you can use the comparatorSosTariffe.itdedicated to iPhone offers.

Now I leave you at Comparative tables of subscription prices for iPhone 5.

Be careful, however, because the prices are not final in this case. For example, in the case of solution 250for example, you pay 29 euros per month for the voice & data part and 20 euros per month for the smartphone contribution, total 49 euros. The same figure as for TuttoCompreso 500, where the voice & data part rises to 39 euros but the contribution for the smartphone drops to 10 euros, always 49 euros.

All details on TIM offers are available here.

The detailed offers of H3G are available here.

Vodafone's detailed offers are available here.

Once again, as always, the most advantageous offers to buy iPhone 5 arethose of H3G.

Those who, for various reasons, cannot / do not want to subscribe to a subscription with 3, can certainly evaluate a subscription with TIM, whose basic offer provides a monthly fee of 30 with 1GB of internet traffic included to have a 16GB iPhone 5. Vodafone theoretically offers unlimited calls and SMS, but the prices are significantly higher than the other two operators.

And what operator will you buy your new iPhone 5 with?

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