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At & T is looking for staff to manage queues in view of the iPhone 3G

febrero 12, 2020

At & T is looking for staff to manage queues in view of the iPhone 3G – Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

There is ferment in the At & T retail structure. After having canceled the vacation of the salesmen of their stores from 15 June to 15 July, she is now looking for new staff with a temporary contract for the same period. To signal the initiative are some American sites that publish a document with which At & T itself reports the availability of the position to those who last year held a similar position at the launch of the iPhone.

Although the job offer does not include any details on the task that candidates will carry out. Last year the staff with a fixed-term contract was destined to maintain order in the rows and to direct customers correctly, making sales operations as fluid as possible, preventing the large crowd that crowded in front of the At & T stores waiting for buying the iPhone made it difficult for the normal development of sales and assistance operations. The fact that the invitation was addressed to the employees hired temporarily last year for the launch of the iPhone and the overlap with the blackout period of holidays for the clerks, suggests that the recruitment has to do precisely with the availability of the new iPhone model. The date of June 15 does not confirm the hypothesis that the telephone has been made available already from the middle of the month, if anything, it denies it, since in the past for this type of assignments a training period of several days was applied before they were employed on the field'.

Recall that most of the clues point to a launch of the new phone for the last weekend of June.

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