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Apple negotiates to bring iPhones to Holland too

febrero 12, 2020

Apple negotiates to bring iPhone to Holland – Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

KPN is negotiating to bring iPhone to Holland. The mobile operator in the Netherlands gave the news on the initiative of a spokesman. It would have been Apple, at least according to KPN, to come forward 'and the offer of dialogue was obviously welcomed with interest', learns from Thompson Financial.

KPN is the main Dutch mobile operator with 8.8 million lines. This is a higher number than the two competitors, Vodafone and T-Mobile, put together. A few weeks ago Ad Scheepbouwer, managing director of the Dutch company, had aroused some attention for having defined iPhone as 'relatively not useful' due to the battery life and for the touch screen technology and for speculating that the Apple phone had not brought real benefits to the T-Mobile market in Germany. Scheepbouwer in that context had however admitted that his company could still be interested in selling in the Netherlands.

Currently, however, the Netherlands with Spain is one of the two countries of Western Europe with a significant population where no agreement has yet been announced to bring the iPhone into official form.

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