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3D maps and turn-by-turn satellite navigation also on iPhone 4 and 3GS with Unlock …


Here is the complete guide to have 3D maps and satellite navigation also on iPhone 4 with the iOS 6 Maps Unlock tweak

iPhone 5 and its operating system, iOS 6, have introduced several new features for users Apple. Among these we find the satellite navigation with voice prompts and new 3D maps, made by Apple with the collaboration of important companies such as TomTom, Waze and many others.

We have seen in the past how the new maps introduced by Apple with iOS 6 on iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S are far from perfect: the users, in fact, have detected various errors and calculation problems along the way, which the company is in any case undertaking to correct.

Unfortunately for only users with iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S can currently take advantage of this feature that offers 3D maps and satellite navigation. In fact, for all other users, the iOS Maps application has not been updated and new features have not been introduced.

With the guide that I propose to you today, however, we will see how to use 3D maps and satellite navigation also on iPhone 4 and on all those devices that are not officially supported by Apple.

CAUTION: in the guide we always talk about iPhone 4 but in reality the tweak works (more slowly) also on iPhone 3GS.

3D maps and satellite navigation also on iPhone 4 as on iPhone 5: here's how

As we have said in the past, the new onesiOS 6 mapsthey are not perfect, but they introduce two very interesting features:

  • flyover, which allows us to explore cities in 3D (at least the bigger ones)
  • satellite navigator with turn-by-turn voice directions.

With this guide we will see together how to install and activate these useful features also on iPhone 4 and on all those devices that Apple refused to officially support.

The only requirement is the jailbreak of iOS 6 (therefore the operating system must be installed on your device): in fact we will rely on tweak Unlock iOS 6 Maps for unlock navigation and 3D maps also on iPhone 4.

But let's proceed with the guide.

Unlock iOS 6 Maps the new tweak available in Cydia which, once installed, will unlock the limitations imposed on the Maps application in the version for iPhone 4 and iPod Touch of the fourth generation.

Created by Ryan Petrich, the tweak will be immediately available turn by turn navigation and 3D maps even on iOS devices not supported by Apple.

Tweak works really well and completely free. Obviously navigation and voice prompts work perfectly even on iPhone 4 which, although not a very recent smartphone, manages to manage everything without any problem and without any slowdown. So install the tweak without fear of slowing down your smartphone: everything will continue to work perfectly. Indeed, everything will work even better than before, since now you can transform your iPhone 4 into a completely free satellite navigator (to work, the program requires internet connection to download maps in real time).

With the iOS 6 Maps tweak Unlock, therefore, both 3D maps and navigation will work very well also on iPhone 4.

Here is a video that shows in more detail the functionality of this tweak.

This way you have installed a GPS satellite navigator for free on iPhone 4.

The tweak available for free on Cydia Store for iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 4th generation with iOS 6 jailbroken.

Recall that at the moment possible tethered jailbreak on iPhone 4 updated to iOS 6 following this guide:

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