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Xiaomi will be at MWC 2020 with more stringent prevention measures

febrero 11, 2020

The coronavirus epidemic is having negative effects on industrial production in China, some even foresee halving smartphone sales in the country, and at the other end of the world defections are increasing for the Barcelona fair: in these hours Xiaomi confirms that it will be at MWC 2020 but with much stricter health and prevention rules.

Recall that so far Sony, Amazon, LG, Ericsson and Nvidia have canceled their presence at MWC 2020. Practically every day GSMA, the world association of telephony operators has released press releases in which it ensures that the situation under control, reiterating that the fair yes, but at the same time always integrating further measures to reduce the risk of contagion.

In addition to the disinfection of handles, display tables, catering premises, service and medical assistance for the participants, masks, the GSMA advises all participants not to shake hands and has forbidden people who have been in China to enter the Fair 14 days before the fair.

Xiaomi will be at MWC 2020 with stricter prevention policies

In its press release Xiaomi confirms its presence at MWC 2020 by introducing even stricter policies, which we report below:

  • Xiaomi will make sure that all employees traveling from China do not show any symptoms and that, before their arrival in Barcelona, ​​they have spent at least 14 days outside China.
  • Xiaomi will make sure that all the managers of the company who will participate in the activities and meetings scheduled during the MWC have spent a period of 14 days outside China.
  • Xiaomi will follow GSMA guidelines, including no-handshake policy (no handshakes). In addition, sanitation will be intensified and protective supplies will be distributed to visitors, in an attempt to safeguard everyone's health.
  • Xiaomi will make sure that all the staff present at the stand comes from its offices located in Europe. For them too, the company will make sure they show no symptoms in the 14 days prior to field support at the MWC.

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MWC 2020 will take place from 24 to 27 February in Barcelona, ​​with several press events already scheduled for the previous weekend of 22-23 February: very likely that defections will increase in the next few days and hygiene and health precautions will intensify, quarantine and bans for companies that instead decide to participate despite the coronavirus epidemic which, at the time of writing, does not seem to show signs of improvement, on the contrary.

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