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The Video CD on old and new Mac OS.

febrero 11, 2020

The Video CD on old and new Mac OS. – Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

VCDs like many will know a video format that has not been very successful in our country, especially in the early days, awaiting the release of the DVD Video with far more generous capacities. The VideoCD in fact, using CD-Rom technology, allows you to store video and audio tracks not exceeding 700 mb, compared to 4.7 gb per side of a single density DVD. Despite this gap, lately there is a certain revival of the VideoCD, due to the ever greater spread of the practice (illegal if the material is covered by copyright) of the "ripping", ie the possibility of extracting and compressing individual video and audio tracks a DVD Video the size of a CD-Rom to burn an mpeg file that can be read by any VideoCD player and many of the DVD players on the market. MacVCD therefore allows viewing of VideoCD with MacOS, and thanks to this version also on OSX , with the possibility to select frames of the movie and export an image, or even export VCD clips to QuickTime. Unfortunately Mac OS X does not currently support Video CD volumes, so you must first create a copy of the VCD on a partition formatted under MacOS Classic and burn it inside a folder named MPEGAV. Apparently a laborious and complicated procedure, but simpler than it may seem, and the possibility of reading Video CDs on OSX can prove to be a fun and inexpensive (low quality) alternative to DVD-Rom, even if we have to forget Dolby 5.1, selection languages ​​in subtitles and audio, and all the qualities that have made DVD an undisputed standard of HiFi video reproduction. The MacVCD X cost of US $ 10 for single users, $ 25 for business users. More information on Mireth's site. (By Rudy Belcastro)

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