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The first iBooks on May 1st?

febrero 11, 2020

The first iBooks on May 1st? – Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

G4 biprocessor or new iBooks. According to most of the sites that reported the news, these would be the two most likely announcements that will be made during a press conference scheduled for next Tuesday May 1st in Cupertino. "Interesting announcements will be made and Steve Jobs will be available for questions from the attendees." No details, of course, about what it will be, but the speculations that started immediately after the dispatch of the press conference call aimed precisely at the release of an update of the Pro line or new portable consumer machines. new iBooks to have a better chance of making their debut next Tuesday. As early as this month, Macity had revealed that there are discounts on machines lying in Apple's channels for dealers. Subsequently news arrived of a progressive drying up of the stocks which are now at a minimum among Italian retailers and distributors. Almost all the 366 and 466 models are missing, a few dozen next to which we must remember that the iBook was last modified last September, seven months ago and the upgrade cycle of the low-end laptop, from the day of the its launch, always been six / seven months. Finally, the iBook today is the oldest machine, in all respects (including the technological one) among those available in the Apple price list. The new iBook could debut with a new motherboard with 100 MHz bus (now 66 MHz), card Nvidia MX 2Go (or Radeon Mobility) graphics with 8 MB of video Ram, G3 processors of 400 and 500 MHz of the 750Cx series. Not to be excluded is the use of a new 14 "screen even if this would mean considerable changes to the structure of the case which would also allow for a reduction in weight (today one of the main defects of the iBook). The adoption of the CD-RW in place of the DVD player and the simple CD player and enhanced batteries is almost certain. The launch of new G4s is difficult, but not unlikely. In this case, Apple could choose not to cancel products currently in production but to join the current new machines.In the G4 line there are currently two spaces where it would be possible to introduce new machines. The most evident "hole" between the 533 biprocessor and the 733 with CD-RW. In this position there could be another biprocessor with a 667 MHz chip, a machine that would have a higher price and equally higher performance than the 533 and is intended to fully support the multiprocessor capabilities of Os X. A second space could be obtained beyond above 733 with Superdisk. In this case it could be a 733 with two processors, which Motorola produces in quantity, a sort of workstation that would represent the top of the top of Apple products. It should also be said that this option could also be offered simply as build to order, without necessarily adding a machine to the list. The only doubts about the launch of biprocessor versions arise on the fact that Apple currently has little reason to push on a configuration of this type that does not have support from third parties (very few applications capable of simmertric multiprocessing) while still the overwhelming majority of users use MacOs 9 which does not have native multiprocessor support. Last July, when Macs with two "brains" were launched, the move was in some ways forced by the lack of more powerful processors. Today things are different because more powerful processors exist and are also cheap for Apple. Finally, there is an even more remote possibility for the launch of an 833 MHz G4, perhaps with a GeForce 3 card. This thesis is based on the Apple claims that Motorola has refined its MPC 7450 manufacturing process earlier than expected. This would be demonstrated by the amount of 733 MHz processors that could lead to the launch of even more powerful versions. The hypothesis should take into account the fact that Apple should then completely reorder its Pro range by canceling some low-end models. Finally, some hypotheses concern the announcement of an Apple store chain. In recent months, news of agreements reached between Cupertino and shopping centers or simple owners of buildings for the creation of directly managed or franchised sales spaces has deepened, but Apple has never made any official comment on the matter. Given that it is now a secret of Pulcinella for Apple, some commentators reason, it would be time to say things as they are, so far the hypotheses launched to date that could be better defined or find new additions in the next few days. From here until May 1, we still have a lot of time and we will hear a lot of the Cupertino press conferences

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