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The coloring book to create 3D characters

febrero 11, 2020

Designed by Disney Research, it brings drawings to life thanks to Unity

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Imagine taking a classic children's drawing pad, coloring its characters and bringing them to life. the magic of augmented reality, technology that from today has another famous ally: Disney Research. The research department of the US company has created an app that allows you to automatically transform two-dimensional images into 3D models.

In the example shown by Disney, you first see a drawn elephant frontally on a sheet. Just then activate the app on the tablet and move the design to also see the sides and the back. The application capable of recognize the designer's style and create the missing parts pixel by pixel, achieving surprising results.

The app does not exhaust its potential here. Thanks to Unity, the graphics engine behind many video games, the 3D model can be animated making him move his arms, legs or head. We could see it walk or dance and all by simply framing it with the tablet camera.

It must be said that currently the app just an experiment and not available to the public but who knows, sooner or later, Disney will amaze us with the definitive coloring book. And not just for children.


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