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Radiolover, shareware to record online radio directly on Mac

febrero 11, 2020


Radiolover, as the name implies, the ideal Mac software for all radio fans, especially those who don't want to miss an episode of their favorite radio program or who would like to be able to record their favorite songs directly from the radio.

With Radiolover it will be possible to record the audio programs from the radios available on iTunes (or on the streaming network) and then divide the entire tracks into various parts, according to your will; maybe to then upload them to iPod, iPhone or just to keep in the archive.

Here are the main features available on Radiolover:

* Record online streaming radio broadcasts as an individual MP3 track * Songs are automatically labeled with artist, album, radio station and track number * Ability to schedule recording of programs on the air * Ability to record multiple broadcasts at the same time * Division of recordings according to song, time or length * Direct import from iTunes Radio Tuner * Direct drag & drop function from iTunes or from the web * International streaming support * Support for the most popular Shoutcasts, M3U / EXTM3U formats * Restart function automatic computer for scheduled recordings * Customize the recording style for each broadcast

Radiolover requires at least Mac Os X 10.3.9 and can be downloaded as a Universal Binary trial version from the official Bitcartel Software page, fully functional for the first half hour. Later, a $ 15 fee will be required for the final version.


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