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Palm: -We are like Apple-

febrero 11, 2020

Palm: -We are like Apple- Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

Palm like Apple. The comparison, decidedly surprising if you look at the current fate of the two protagonists of the world of pocket devices (Apple on the crest of the wave, in decided Palm difficulty) emerged during the JP Morgan Tech Show in Boston. Presenting the daring parallelism was Palm's CFO, Andre Brown.

The similarities between Palm and Apple refer specifically, according to the manager of Milpitas, in the fact that both companies create proprietary software for proprietary hardware. "And creating software by controlling the hardware – says Brown – is a fundamental element in a sector where the difference is making the software more than the hardware". Trying to explain why Palm also manufactures devices based on a third-party operating system (Windows Mobile, to be precise), the CFO said that this is essentially to increase profit margins, but the real bet of Palm on the next operating system, based on Linux.

In this regard, the manager reiterated that the roadmap remains the one previously announced: completion will take place by the end of 2008, the launch of the first devices equipped with it, in the first half of 2009. The success of this choice would have been evidenced by the investment of Elevation Partners, who saw important potential in the new operating system and therefore lavished money on the company.

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