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New iPhone on June 11?

febrero 11, 2020

New iPhone on June 11? – Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

Will Apple launch an iPhone on June 11? The date appears in a statement released to Mac + by Jos Roberto Suza, manager of Apple Brazil.

The Apple manager misses the date during a long interview during which he takes stock of Apple's business in the large South American country, one of those where the situation of retail, marketing and development is most seething, even on the stock of a strong step forward for the whole society in terms of the increase in per capita income and the quantity of the population which represents a huge market. When asked when iPhone will be released in Brazil, Suza first shields himself then admits he opens it all back to Cupertino saying: 'An iPhone will be released on June 11, then we will see what will happen in the US and in Europe'.

It is not clear from Suza's statements which phone we are talking about, but it is likely that it is the new iPhone even if the date is at least strange. It is two days after the opening of the WWDC, on a Wednesday and before the "protected zone" indicated by At & T during which it will not be possible for employees of American stores to take holidays. Among the hypotheses also that that is the date of presentation only even if an event to introduce iPhone just two days after the opening of the WWDC and while the meeting of the developers still in progress, it seems equally strange when the date advanced by Suza .

What is certain that in any case Brazil could be among the first South American countries to have iPhones. The confirmation comes from Suza himself when he specifies that Brazil will have the iTunes Store just after Mexico (which at this point should be the first). If, in fact, Apple does not change the iPhone activation mechanisms, the telephone enabling services pass through the infrastructure that rotates around the iTunes Store. Also in the iTunes Store, the App store also operates, the store that will be used to sell applications for the phone and probably for updates and support services.

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