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MacOs X does not convince Espresso

febrero 11, 2020

It could have been the review / presentation of MacOs X, and also an opportunity to stand out from an editorial line that someone judges a little too prone to Microsoft, but in the end it was reduced to being a simple comparison between the new Apple operating system and Windows XP is a new opportunity to let the world know how difficult it really is to beat Redmond. This, in summary, is the opinion of our readers who, in large numbers, have written to us to report an article published by Espresso On Line. scrolling through the service it seems to catch between the lines a way of understanding IT according to which a product, whatever it is, makes sense or not only if caught in the context of the Microsoft ecosystem.We immediately say that this aspect is all the more irritating because the journalist of the Espresso does not appear at all a naive or an earring of operating systems. The article, unlike many others who have ventured into describing the new Apple OS in recent weeks, appears competent and rather precise. The comparison between MacOs X and XP, therefore, does not take place on the basis of that scarcity of arguments that transpires elsewhere, but seems to be a choice made precisely with the deliberate intention of dragging two operating environments (of which one, XP) , on the other hand still in beta); the rather ill-concealed effort to highlight the (current) defects of MacOs X taking inspiration from questionable elements and drawing equally questionable conclusions.Just to give some examples for the Espresso, the new Apple OS does not have the support of drivers for CD and DVD rewritable, has problems going to sleep and has few applications. Forgetting to list the problems of XP (which has recently been forcefully ousted with a company circular from Xerox for the serious problems caused to network systems), then the editor goes so far as to say that "compared to the premises, the level of integration between the systems operational and Web cannot be judged sufficient ". In reality Apple has never promised any "integration" between the Web and the operating system, at least it has never promised anything of what Microsoft promises and which according to Espresso, it seems to understand, would be the ideal landing place for every computer user, forgetting that this "integration" at the basis of a legal proceeding against Microsoft filed by the American government. Obviously, as in every article on Mac and Microsoft that is respected, among those written by those who have an eye on the PC world, is not lacking the usual mention of the now ancient agreement between Microsoft and Apple, a "transversal alliance – according to Espresso – that Jobs snatched from Gates, convincing him to invest on Apple 150 million dollars". Here the quick argument is brought up to justify the native support of IEEE 1394 in Windows XP, fearing that in Redmond they made the decision to respect a secret pact and to make Apple a pleasure. The editor does not even seem touched by the idea that Microsoft has decided to adopt FireWire for the overall quality of the standard … Finally, perhaps a little to be "the page", a little to give some color to the closing of the article, a bit to give a shot to the circle and one to the barrel, here is also peeking in the last lines Linux, a kind of third inconvenient for the Espresso. Here too, balancing on opinions that deserve to be discussed, there is no shortage of MacOs X with the citation of the now well-known opinion of Thorvalds Linus according to which the Mac kernel of Mac OS X is a "crap". Obviously the Espresso forgets to say that Linus then backed down and that his criticism was born more from a certain resentment for the inventor of the tools that led to the creation of the same kernel, but a lot. The important thing here seems to be "throw it there." In short, as we said, a lost opportunity to clearly say what's new in Apple's operating system, to compare it with the old OS and maybe even to say what it today has more than Win98 and Windows 2000, which, it is worth mentioning, are also the latest operating systems released by Microsoft while XP still in beta and its strengths and weaknesses are known in detail only by a small circle of developers . The comparison with XP could be done in a few months, when it will be possible to install it on all computers and it will not be just a piece of "experiment" software. Perhaps then a more complete list of XP problems could have been made and perhaps the defects that make Jobs's Apple so "immature" would have disappeared. But perhaps, in the concept of someone, it is better to extirpate the shoot that grows in the the neighbor's lawn, with the excuse that not a tree, before waiting for it to grow and to shade our flowerbed that we have just sown.

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