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Live tax results

febrero 11, 2020

Live Tax Results – Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

Apple will present fiscal results on July 17, the day before Steve Jobs' keynote.

The same company confirms it today in a page in which it also officially announces that the presentation conference will be broadcast live on audio starting from 11 pm (Italian time) on the same day.

No information on who will hold the conference. In the past the speaker has always been CFO Fred Anderson with some extraordinary Steve Jobs appearances. On this rather unlikely occasion Jobs could be next to Anderson.

As for the forecasts at the moment the judgments of the "square" are conflicting. Most analysts predict that profit expectations, albeit marginal, will be met. Others believe that Apple will surpass the forecasts, still others that it may miss them. Practically everyone, in any case, thinks that Cupertino is unlikely to present a shocking balance, be it negative or positive.

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