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iPhone, hen with golden eggs for carriers

Rubicon Consulting has recently published the results of a recent research from which three interesting data emerge which once again give an idea of ??the "iPhone phenomenon".

The first significant figure that almost half of iPhone users (47%) have changed carriers in order to get their hands on the Apple mobile phone. Certainly a great result for operators such as AT & T: thanks to Apple's mobile phone, they have managed to snatch many users from the competition, a result that basically represents the first target of every telephone operator.

Objective made even more substantial by the fact that, on average, the iPhone user reported an increase of about $ 19 a month once the multitouch mobile phone was purchased; a sign that possession of the mobile phone pushes a user to spend more than other devices. For carriers, the iPhone therefore proves to be a real hen with golden eggs.

From the third and final data, it appears that about 36% (more than one in three) of iPhone owners, usually carry another mobile phone with them; for the most part it is a BlackBerry from RIM, one of Apple's biggest competitors.

A datum that can be read in two different perspectives: on the one hand, the co-presence of other mobile phones and the Apple mobile phone demonstrates how some features absent in the Steve Jobs device are still considered essential by many users, so as to justify the need to bring with s another cell phone.

On the other hand, the charm and appeal of the iPhone is so strong that even those who already own a cell phone that they do not want to replace, decide to buy an iPhone to be added to the current mobile device; perhaps as an iPod or as a portable navigator, or as a simple "status symbol".