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How to open apps from unidentified developers in macOS Sierra

febrero 11, 2020

In addition to the name, macOS Sierra has made a number of changes. Not only in terms of added functionality, but also in terms of removed elements. One of these changes that can't open apps developed by unidentified developers on macOS Sierra. At least, not directly. So if you want to run an application from an unidentified developer, you're almost out of luck. Almost. In this guide, I'll tell you how you can run apps from unidentified developers on macOS Sierra. So read on!

macOS Sierra: what has changed?

Previously, in OS X El Capitan, users had the option to change Mac Gatekeeper preferences to " Allow apps from anywhere ". However, macOS Sierra has changed this. You now only have the options for allow apps from the App Store or App Store and identified developers .

OS X El Capitan (top) vs macOS Sierra (bottom)

However, there is still a way to launch third-party apps from unidentified developers on your Mac with MacOS Sierra.

Opening unidentified apps in macOS Sierra

Note : keep in mind that we usually don't recommend using apps from unidentified developers. You need to install these apps only if you are absolutely sure that they are not malicious apps. N Apple n can be held liable if you download a malicious application and compromise the system. Use common sense.

So how can you open apps from unidentified developers? Actually not that difficult. Follow the steps below. I am using GIMP as an example app which cannot be opened because it comes from an unidentified developer.

1. First, download the DMG or ZIP file containing the app. Then, copy the app into the Applications folder. Once done, go up Applications -> GIMP . Right click on the app and click " You open ".

2. You will be greeted with a warning box that will ask you if you are sure you want to open the app. Click on "You open", if you are sure that the app is safe.

3. The app will open on macOS Sierra.

You just need to do it once per app . Subsequent launches of the application will be successful by default.

Install any app you want on your Mac

With this method, you can now install and use any app you want, on your Mac with macOS Sierra. If you have not yet upgraded to Sierra, you can simply change the settings in the privacy settings within the System Preferences. If not, you can follow this method to launch third-party apps from unidentified developers on macOS Sierra.

As always, we would like to know what you think about Apple by removing the option to allow apps from anywhere. Does this seem like a step towards the notorious walled garden that most Apple operating systems have? Also, if you are having trouble with this method, please let us know in the comments section below.

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