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Hottrix, amaze with iPhone and its "magical" effects

febrero 11, 2020

The Apple mobile phone does not only allow you to listen to music, surf online, receive e-mails, make calls and all the other typical functions of a mobile phone. With the iPhone you can have a beer, celebrate with champagne, eliminate the "bugs", take care of your goldfish or have a snack with delicious popcorn.

We are not crazy, we are just limiting ourselves to describing the nice Hottrix, original iPhone applications that will transform Apple's mobile phone into an "all-rounder" object, capable of producing milk, beer, popcorn, champagne and other oddities (all obviously simulated and far from reality).

With a little spirit and imagination, you will be able to amaze your friends, making you laugh with an attempt to quench your thirst with your mobile phone, while trying to chase a cockroach from the internal circuits of your mobile phone, or while lighting your "pocket fireplace".

Although they cost around $ 1.99 / 2.99 each, the Hottrix utility is practically nil, although seeing the faces of your friends while you are drinking a beer from the iPhone may be priceless. To understand what awaits, we propose one of the cutest movies, which well expresses the spirit of the Hottrix.

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