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Here are the best applications to make the most of the iPhone 5 screen.

febrero 11, 2020


Here is a list of the best applications to take full advantage of the iPhone 5 screen.

The brand new iPhone 5 finally available also in Italy, in this article we will see what are some of the best applications to take full advantage of the new 4 display of the new Apple-branded smartphone.

One of the main features of the iPhone 5 is certainly the new 4 ″ display; however for now not all applications support this new display but fortunately there are some apps that offer support for the 4-inch display. Let's see some of the best reported from the iMore website:


Few do not know Tweetbot: the well-known client "with personality" that immediately gained a great success among users for its ease of use and graphics, both of which remain unchanged, the only thing that changes the new display, which, being higher allows dividing at least one tweet more than the traditional view.


There is no doubt that Pinterest is an excellent application, especially from a graphic point of view, and its interface certainly made better by the new display. It is indeed very pleasant to navigate between the different pins and view beautiful images on the iPhone 5, and you can also quickly navigate through your feeds without any slowdown.


Flipboard certainly the last of the applications that needs presentations, but for those who do not know it is a personal magazine for iPhone 5 that transforms the social feeds of our interest into magazine-style articles. The graphical interface adapted to the new iPhone 5 is particularly interesting and appealing. Each page now consisting of 6 squares and being lapp based on the visualization of images, their quality made particularly better thanks to the size of the new iPhone.

Weather 2x

Any application that provides information will gain benefits thanks to the iPhone 5 screen and among these we also find Weather 2x, an application characterized by an interface full of images. For those who do not know it is one of the most interesting meteorological applications, especially from an aesthetic point of view, and also shows information on the weather thanks to fantastic photographs in a few touches. Performing a slide upwards will show the 5-day forecast, while a slide on the left will reveal the hourly forecast and to the right we will be able to choose the place.


Pocket one of the best known services in the read category, which allows you to easily save articles already on the web, social networks, applications and much more to read them easily and conveniently at any time, even offline. Logically, since it is an app in which the primary purpose of the user read, Pocket will not be able to benefit from the iPhone 5 screen: the longer list, the images are more interesting and more contents of each article can be read.


iBook an excellent application to take advantage of the new screen of the iPhone 5, this in as much as possible to read several parts of a book at the same time, but it does not end here: on the iPhone 5 in fact the iBooks application has been improved and is faster especially thanks to the presence of the processor A6. Books will load faster and navigation will be smoother.


Byword one of the most famous text editors for iPhone. Generally it has always been particularly convenient to use writing applications on the iPhone, especially because of the small screen. But with the new iPhone, the situation has completely changed: the keyboard, occupying a smaller percentage of screen space, allows you to view more portions of what has been written, certainly improving the Byword experience.


iPhoto a photographic application introduced by Apple on the App Store a few months ago. It is one of the best in its field and with the iPhone 5 screen, editing images and sharing them will be even more fun and engaging. Having been optimized for the iPhone 5 screen, iPhoto will allow you to see multiple portions of the images even when editing.


LiPhone 5 has a larger display characterized by an aspect ratio of 16: 9, this as many will know the standard resolution for HD movies. Viewing movies on iPhone 5 will now be an even better experience, but not only: it will also be better also the editing part. iMovie has been optimized precisely for the latest Apple smartphone and its screen, so the editing tools occupy smaller portions of the screen.

Launch Center Pro

The Home screen, with liPhone 5, has obtained an extra row of icons, but this does not apply only to that screen, but also to some applications including Launch Center Pro. Launching applications from the known application will therefore be even simpler, allowing you to access a greater number of applications simultaneously, effectively providing a Home screen in addition to the original one.

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