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HBO lands on iTunes

febrero 11, 2020

As expected (and also reported by our site yesterday) HBO arrives on iTunes. Note the appearance of the page dedicated to the American network, one of the main paid ones with flagship series often exported also abroad, the British head of Macworld.

On sale there are titles of great impact such as Rome (co-produced with Rai), I Soprano (which are also aired in Italy with moderate success), the well-known Sex and The City, the award-winning Deadwood, The Wire and Flight of the Conchords. It is a reduced number of bets which, always as announced, are sold at differentiated prices: $ 2.99 and $ 1.99.

It should be noted that, as the Wall Street Journal wrote yesterday, the formula tested by HBO different from that followed by other TV channels. The episodes will not be available immediately after the broadcast, but only when they have been released on DVD. The double peculiarity (variable prices and availability only when a DVD version has already been made available) should limit the phenomenon of cannibalization of the subscriptions on which HBO lives. In addition to this, the availability on the digital channel could give new lymph and increase the turnover on products that on some media have already exhausted their push.

According to some sources to push for this solution and on landing in iTunes would have been Warner, convinced that the digital road could no longer be deferred.

The choice of Apple and the demonstration of a flexibility that had not previously manifested itself, could pave the way for new agreements if not for the return of NBC that it had left (also) for the rigid pricing policy applied by Cupertino. New agreements are wide open, as well as for the image of HBO that by agreeing with Apple proves to have confidence in the media, also for the now substantial wealth of iTunes content that can hardly continue to be ignored since also in the field of video and of the films represents a very important reference.

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