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Google Meter, the Android wallpaper becomes animated

febrero 11, 2020

The Mountain View app turns the wallpaper into a widget that gives you key information about battery, connections and notifications

(Photo: Google)(Photo: Google)

An animated wallpaper that acts as a collector of widgets, becoming useful to the user. the idea of ​​Google behind the Meter app, which wants to create a comfortable interface capable of summarizing the information of our smartphones.

The Meter project was developed by the Mountain View Creative Lab in order to provide in a single screen all that is really important for the Android user, in real time: battery status, choice of connection (mobile or Wi-Fi) and presence of notifications. The wallpaper actually acts like a widget that displays this information in the style of Material Design adopted by Google.

Once permission has been granted to the app, Meter materializes on the display appearing cyclically every time you activate it: the round battery icon, the triangular Wi-Fi icon, the notification icon and a square divided into gradient bars.

Meter downloadable for free and available to developers to use it in their apps.


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