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Google is working on new iPhone software

febrero 11, 2020

Google, gPhone or not, places a lot of cards on the iPhone. To reinforce the belief that Apple's phone, despite the efforts that the Internet giant is making for its mobile platform, remains at the top of its mind, in some statements made to the American media regarding plans for Internet applications.

In fact, Google will be among the first developers to present new applications for iPhone and iPod touch for sale when Apple inaugurates the App Store in June. "We are confident that we will be able to offer applications made by Google from day one," said Vic Gundotra, Vice President of Engineeringe

During the interview, the Google executive said that iPhone "the most important phone in the world" also convinced Gundotra that the entire mobile industry will benefit from the innovations introduced by Apple with iPhone. The manager explains that the company has several Internet-based applications that it would like to make available to mobile devices. The company poses two problems: the limited hardware and technological resources of mobile devices compared to computers, and finally the fragmentation of the market. Instead of the handful of Internet browsing programs available for computers, cell phones and smartphones offer a myriad of incompatible solutions, thus forcing developers to make different versions for each individual program.

Gundotra claims that Apple has solved the problem thanks to the mobile version of Safari in his opinion "A better mobile browser than any other has presented before". The Google executive does not unbutton about functions, services nor even less names of the applications that the company will make available in June for iPhone, only indicates the availability of the SDK for iPhone and the development of web-based applications as "the best of both worlds" ".

Recall that Google from the beginning Apple partner for iPhone touch and iPhone: Google Maps, YouTube, its services that work via the Web for checking email, for scheduling the day and the News viewer: Gmail, Calendar and Readers all offer an optimized version for iPhone access.

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