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Gartner: "3G is good for the Italian market"

febrero 11, 2020

Gartner continues to see some difficulties on the horizon for iPhones in Europe, despite the likely launch of a 3G version. To express caution on the near future of the Apple phone in the evolved markets of the old continent Carolina Milanesi, one of the leading analysts worldwide in the sector of wireless connected devices.

Gartner's expert, in particular, demonstrates some hesitation about the cost of the mobile phone which could still be too high for a market, such as the European one, where many equal (if not superior, says Milanesi, technology) phones compared to iPhones are granted free of charge upon entering into a two-year contract. "A free Nokia N95 – says the analyst – in the same conditions in which an iPhone is sold for around 99 euros."

In any case, Carolina Milanesi admits that a 3G version could be a significant promotion factor. 'Managers in Europe are pushing hard on 3G because it is a service that offers a better user experience and that also in terms of voice services has a higher capacity and allows you to give the same offer "at lower costs '.

Italy in this respect could be a good test case, underlines the Gartner analyst. 'Having 3G in Italy – reads the interview with Newsfactor – certainly an interesting aspect. In Italy, in fact, there is no Wifi network you can rely on for good data transfer performance. "

As for Asia, finally, Carolina Milanesi sees great potential in India (where there would even be a million iPhones unlocked) and less problems for the costs of the terminal since here too (as in Italy, moreover) there is no a great habit of subsidizing terminals. If anything, the problem could come from the particularity of the sales structure which is only partially controlled by the operators. "We need to see – says the analyst – how Apple will be able to target the largest market possible"

Recall that an in-depth interview with Carolina Milanesi on the iPhone in relation to the Italian market was published by Macity already in recent days.

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