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Four ideas to improve Safari on iPhone

febrero 11, 2020

The reasoning mainly for the iPhone, but it could also be done for the iPod touch. With the consideration that for the iPod touch it connects to the Internet only with Wi-Fi, that is, with a system in which broadband is generally present, while the iPhone – for those who use it legally or not in the world – also takes advantage of the Edge network of mobile telephony. More than enough for many operations, of course, but not always and above all something better could be done.

Here are four suggestions, therefore, on how the "pocket" version of Safari could be improved, which rests on the same framework for Safari for Mac but is obviously implemented with a different interface and ways of use on small Apple devices.

1) Improve the cache speed of Safari. Not the Mac version, there aren't tons of processor cycles available. not very happy that you go back to a page already seen and the cache requires substantially the same loading time as the connection via Wi-Fi to the page itself.

2) Improve the ability to view still incomplete pages. This happens mainly with iPhone via Edge and not with iPod touch or iPhone via Wi-Fi, but often the pages remain in half, it takes a lifetime to load them, while the Safari graphics engine waits, waits, waits. Then the page is perfectly visible, but the wait has been devastating. a "relative" problem of point one.

3) You cannot open a link directly on a new page! This is an incredible limitation, because often from a source page you want to open two or three, even four at the same time. If Safari for iPhone and iPod touch supports, as it supports, multiple windows (and the extraordinary way of switching from one to the other), it should also have a "open the link in a new window" function, which allows you to take advantage of them.

4) You need a faster connection than the Edge connection. sometimes problematic for e-mail, when there is a load of messages (and attachments) too exuberant. But to open most of the complex pages, adding the slowness of the Edge with the physiological times of the Safari graphic engine means waiting a lot. In short, give us this blessed iPhone 3G Umts …

Unfortunately, for those who have studied the iPhone 2.0 development tool, the surprises do not seem to be such as to be able to solve the first three problems indicated. The fourth, that is, a faster connection with Umts, the one that will be resolved within a few weeks. But above all the number three, that is the links that open in a new window, does not seem to have entered the logic of Apple's internal developers. Sin…

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