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Emmis Interactive will extend the presence of the "iTunes Storefont" online

febrero 11, 2020

Emmis Interactive will extend the presence of "iTunes Storefont" online – Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1 emmis_interactive "width =" 131 "height =" 112 "border =" 0 "src ="

Emmis Interactive, American company leader in the market of interactive sales for the audio / radio sector, today officially announced that it has extended its agreement with Apple to be able to bring its "iTunesStorefront" to other radio stations or media distribution companies interested in technology offer.

Emmis' Storefront allows you to implement a specific page on the website of a radio station, capable of maintaining the style and design of the radio station, but at the same time offering a sort of online music showcase from which a user can immediately purchase a song or a desired album. Some examples of Emmis technology can be seen on the pages of the Power 106 or Loop 97.9 radio stations.

Baster click on the desired song and the potential buyer would immediately be taken directly to the iTunes Music Store, where he can use his iTunes account to quickly and conveniently buy the chosen product.

Emmis Interactive's technology which on the one hand allows radios and distributors of digital media to be able to rely on an endless catalog such as the one available on the iTunes Store; on the other hand, it guarantees Apple new and interesting "windows" through which to access its online music store. Finally, this system is also more attractive to users, more facilitated in the process of purchasing the selected music product.

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