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Apple Watch, customize your reply messages …

febrero 11, 2020

By Giacomo Martiradonna Tuesday 11 February 2020

We explain how to customize, reorder or completely disable the default replies on Apple Watch for Messages, Mail, Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp.


Reading a text message on a smartwatch can be very convenient, but the answer -for obvious reasons- cannot be sent in the same way. This is why it is essential to prepare an arsenal of sentences that are ready to use as needed. We explain how to do it customize the default answers on Apple Watch.

Apple Watch, read and reply to Messages

Apple Watch, read and reply to Messages

Reading and replying to messages on Apple Watch even trivial. Just remember these few steps.

Apple Watch's automatic reply system is not limited to iMessages, but extends to all messaging: for example, it also works with Mail, Facebook and WhatsApp, and very simple to use.

In general, you have about twenty personalized replies for Messages, a dozen for Mail and 6 for Facebook, but you can add new ones if you need them. The only rip off they go configured apps for apps.

Personalized Answers on Messages

Open the Apple Watch app on the iPhone, and tap the Apple Watch section. Tap Messages> Default replies. Touch one of the present phrases, and replace it with one of your liking, and reorder them if necessary. From here you can also disable completely the feature, if you don't like to receive suggestions during the replies.

We set things like "Yes, thank you" or "No, thank you" but also "Now I can't, I'll contact you later." In short, think of the broader case series that comes to your mind.

Personalized Answers on Mail

Open the Apple Watch app on the iPhone, and tap the Apple Watch section. Tap Mail> Default Replies. Touch one of the present phrases, and replace it with one of your liking.

Personalized Answers on Facebook Messenger

On iPhone, open the Messenger app and tap the settings icon in the lower right corner of the screen. Select Apple Watch from the menu, then tap a prepackaged answer and replace it with one you like. And so on.

Some advice

Try to seriously customize messages, because they will come in really useful, especially if you are in a hurry. An inadequate answer, in fact, risks triggering a vicious circle of counter-questions to make sure that you understand each other. Don't skimp with exclamation marks or question marks and, if needed, also place some strategic emojis.

Indeed, to avoid any misunderstanding, clearly indicate that the answer has been sent by Apple Watchotherwise people will continue to contact you thinking you can interact. And don't just prepare nice sentences: write down something serious. You will thank us.

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