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Apple Music available on Android

febrero 11, 2020

Cupertino's music streaming arrives on rivals' devices, with a three-month free trial for non-members

(Photo: Apple)(Photo: Apple)

Apple Music also arrived on Android. The Cupertino music streaming service available on our local Play Store, and on all of the countries in which the platform had already arrived via the gadgets of the bitten apple (except China, where it will arrive soon).

The app, Eddy Cue points out to TechCrunch, still in beta phase, which means that some features have not yet been implemented (such as videos and enrollment in family plans) and that the final experience could hide some bugs. Most of the other functions are active, which also includes the Beats 1 radio station.

Google operating system users can take advantage of the usual three month trial period before deciding whether to register or not. The basic rate remains that applied to subscribers on iOS and OSX devices: 9.90 euros per month.


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