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Adobe: we support Apple and Os X

Adobe has no hesitation or mistrust towards MacOs X and the failure to participate in the Expo which opens next week only the result of a coherent commercial and marketing strategy.

This is the juice of an interview given to Maccentral by Susan Altman Prescot, Vice President of Marketing Cross Media Publishing. Altman thus clearly and directly rejects the allegations of the past few days when the Californian company had been at the center of some controversy following the decision to desert, for the first time, the MacWorld Expo. "A choice – someone had said – that derives from the delays of the development of the applications for Os X. Adobe has nothing to present and has nothing to present because it has preferred to wait to see if MacOs X will be successful". Everything would have indicated a diminished interest in the Mac platform.

?Not true – says Altman – the Mac remains an important part of our strategy and the Mac has a strong presence in the publishing community. That's why we firmly support Apple's efforts regarding MacOs X. "

All major Adobe applications, says the manager, will be native to Os X on their next update. "The first will be Illustrator and InDesign".

Adobe does not provide release dates but the impression for those who read that the company headquarters intend to hurry and that the two packages have not been chosen at random. FreeHand, main competitor of Illustrator, already native to Os X while with InDesign Adobe definitely wants to beat Quark on time which will release a native version only in months.

But then why the renunciation of MacWorld? ?Inexpensive choices – says Altman – we have renounced Internet World and PC World, where we have always been present. The fact that there is not one of our stands in New York has nothing to do with MacOs X or with the Mac platform "