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Adobe Monument Mode eliminates tourists from photos in real time

febrero 11, 2020

The American company has previewed a new function that allows you to take photos by making the disturbing elements disappear from the background in a few moves

Taking a photo of the Colosseum or the Eiffel Tower without hordes of tourists is almost impossible. To solve this inconvenience, Adobe invented Monument Mode, a function to eliminate in real time objects and people moving around the subject being photographed.

Monument Mode, developed by engineer Ashutosh Jagdish Sharma and presented last night during the MAX Creativity Conference, uses an innovative algorithm capable of distinguishing fixed objects from moving ones. After photographing (multiple shots mode) with the smartphone, it takes just a few moves to eliminate all disturbing elements and create a postcard image in a few moments, directly from our mobile phone.

This mode is part, together with twelve other new Adobe functions, of the Sneak Peaks that the company could in the future include among the products of its Creative Cloud, also based on the request and interest shown by the user community. For now, let's enjoy the preview video.


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