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AAPL in triumph on Wall Street

febrero 11, 2020

AAPL in triumph on Wall Street – Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

It was truly a triumphant day yesterday for AAPL. The title of Cupertino which during the night had shot up almost 18% since the official closing, first started in slow motion, then triggered a final rally which ended with a progress of 12.86%. Apple has therefore been set at $ 25.72 cents, a record since mid-September when it was announced that profits for the quarter would be below expectations. It is also interesting to note that the number of shares traded was also record-breaking. 33.5 million shares against an average that does not reach 9 million.As we already mentioned yesterday in an article, the interest of investors was amplified by some factors that were intended as auspicious for the future: the decrease in products in stock , the increase in gross profits and the consolidation of liquidity. The market seems to be looking for shares of companies that have prospects to beat the market, which continues to nav igare on sight despite the triumph of the day before yesterday (which followed the drop in the price of money in the US) and yesterday's good performances. Apple, it seems to understand, could be one of these although it should be noted that from today onwards it could be much more difficult for AAPL to continue in the surprising march of the last few days. For Cupertino it is a matter of finding a way to continue the journey and to do so it will be necessary to find new revolutionary products and convince consumers, whose trust on a global scale does not yet appear to consolidate, to buy.

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