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Video Comparison of Google Galaxy Nexus and Apple iPhone 5

febrero 10, 2020


In this comparison video we analyze the differences and similarities between Google Galaxy Nexus with Android Jelly Bean 4.1 and Apple iPhone 5 with iOS 6.

iPhone 5 now among us.

In the USA and other European countries, the new Apple smartphone is already available online and in all the Apple Stores, while in Italy the new Apple device will arrive from Thursday night and will be sold at 729 for the 16GB model.

iPhone 5 vs Galaxy Nexus

Who has already had the good fortune of try and buy the new iPhone 5, has compared it with other best smartphones on the market today, such as Galaxy S 3 or Google Galaxy Nexus, who today are certainly the best exponents in the Android world.

After seeing, in a previous video, a comparison between Samsung Galaxy S 3 and Apple iPhone 5, today we see, in another video, an interesting comparison between Apple iPhone 5 and Google Galaxy Nexus, updated to Android Jelly Bean 4.1.

In the previous video, in fact, many users complained that the Galaxy S 3 was updated to one unofficial version of Jelly Bean, while iPhone 5 mounted the definitive version of iOS 6.

Here you are satisfied, therefore. In this video we can see analogies and differences of iPhone 5 and Google Galaxy Nexus, thanks also to a in-depth comparison between iOS 6 and Android Jelly Bean 4.1, both in an absolutely definitive version and optimized to the maximum.

I don't want to go unnecessarily, so here is this interesting one comparison between Apple iPhone 5 and Google Galaxy Nexus, respectively updated to iOS 6 and Android Jelly Bean 4.1

Good vision

(youtuber youtube = ’http: // v = YwwJ8kgmcdc’)

Let me know in the comments which smartphone you prefer between the two and what your motivations are.

On a personal level, I prefer iPhone 5 as an ecosystem of available applications (especially games), but at the "usability" level of the operating system I much prefer Android Jelly Bean. If I had to buy an Android smartphone, however, I would definitely buy the Galaxy S 3.

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