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Updates slow iPhone: fine from Apple of 25 million Euros

By Giacomo Martiradonna Monday 10 February 2020

The French competition authority has sanctioned Apple for reducing iPhone and iPad performance with some software updates. Multone for 25 million Euros.

On the complaint of a French consumer protection group, the DGCCRF – the transalpine Antitrust Authority – fined Apple for a good 25 million Euros. IOS updates, in fact, reduce the performance of the iPhone and iPad, but nobody in 2017 had adequately warned users.

iPhone: planned obsolescence and slowness

iPhone: planned obsolescence and slowness

Whenever Apple launches a new iPhone, a strange phenomenon occurs. And not just a psychological matter.

The Directorate General for Competition, Consumers and the Suppression of Fraud has dealt a good blow to Cupertino. iOS 10 and iOS 11, according to the press release, would have lowered the performance of Apple devices without providing reasonable explanations and above all without giving the possibility to go back, for those who wanted it:

"Following the investigation of the DGCCRF (…) and following the authorization to proceed by the Public Prosecutor of Paris, the Apple group agreed to pay a fine of 25 million Euros in the context of a criminal transaction.

(…) the DGCCRF actually demonstrated that the iPhone owners had not been informed that the updates of the iOS operating system (10.2.1 and 11.2) that they had installed probably slowed down the functioning of their devices. These updates, released in 2017, included a dynamic power management system that, under certain conditions and especially when the batteries were old, could slow down the operation of iPhone 6, SE and 7. Given the inability to restore the previous version of the operating system, many consumers would have been forced to replace batteries or even buy a new phone. "

An inevitable epilogue if we consider that Apple itself has admitted the communication short circuit (because this was the case, and not of planned obsolescence); especially in light of the initiative that allowed to replace the battery at the special price of 29. If anyone wanted to know more, we will tell the whole story in this post.