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The best Cydia tweaks and their compatibility with iOS 6.

febrero 10, 2020


The best tweaks for devices with Jailbreak in everything related to their compatibility with iOS 6.

TheJailbreaktetheredof iOS 6 already available for iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS and iPod Touch. For anyone who has not wasted time and has already carried out the jailbreak procedure, he must know that not all tweaks have already been made compatible with iOS 6 and therefore could risk that they do not work or worse still have continuous respring and safe mode. So to come against you here is a list, still in development, with the tweaks already compatible with iOS 6.

It must be said that we recommend waiting for the Jailbreak to be untethered and therefore "definitive" but for the geeks and simply curious we recommend choosing carefully the tweaks to install, also helping with our article. Furthermore, this article will not list all the tweaks, but rather the most famous and used ones

So here are the tweaks already compatible with iOS 6, according to our information:

  • SBSettings
  • Activator
  • SwipeSelection
  • iFile
  • 3G Unrestrictor 5
  • TetherMe
  • Dashboard X
  • OmniStat for NotificationCenter
  • NCSettings
  • Winterboard
  • Dreamboard
  • Barrel
  • UnlimTones
  • Zephyr
  • Safari download enabler
  • Browser Changer
  • BrowseInApp
  • Torch
  • Attacher PRO
  • AccountChanger
  • ReceiveAny
  • SendAny
  • ProTube
  • ColoredKnob
  • Bridge
  • WeeSearch
  • CurrencyConverter

Now here is the list of tweaks that, at least for now, seem not be compatible, or fully compatible, with iOS 6:

  • KillBackground
  • Remove Background
  • biteSMS
  • AnyAttach
  • AirBlue Sharing
  • Springtomize 2
  • FolderEnhancer
  • Gridlock
  • Infiniboard and Infinidock
  • Five Icon Dock
  • Lockinfo
  • intelliscreenX (works in part)
  • Action Menu
  • Octopus keyboard
  • Quick Reply for WhatsApp
  • Quick Reply for Messanger
  • Twitkafly
  • Nitrous
  • BrowserChooser
  • Procyon
  • Fusion
  • WeeKillBackground
  • Unfold

There are also tweaks that we believe very interesting, but that we have not had the pleasure of trying them and we have not had information on their compatibility:

  • Home SpringPage
  • Clock widget
  • Dashtweet
  • Favorite Contacts for NotificationCenter
  • PwnTunes
  • YouTubeToMp3
  • NoVoiceMail
  • Zeppelin
  • Safari Upload Enabler
  • Chrome Download Enabler (unknown)
  • Chrome Download Manager
  • Chromizer
  • ChromeCustomization
  • BetterChrome

Don't worry if the list of compatible tweaks does not include all the most famous or most useful tweaks, as the major tweaks are always updated when the Unthetered Jailbreak is released.

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