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Telecom: iPhone 3G in Italy in June

febrero 10, 2020

The iPhone will arrive in Italy in June and will be 3G. The news stems from a "casual" conversation between David Manners, an Electronic Weekly journalist, and Luigi Licciardi, executive vice president for Telecom Italia's mobile services. The statement, which is not an official statement but for authoritativeness comes very close to it, was pronounced by Licciardi, explains the journalist in his blog, during a trip on a bus that brought the guests to an honor dinner in Dubai, on the occasion of the International Electronic Forum.

Licciardi, stating that iPhone will be on sale next month, reveals two of the major elements of uncertainty that gravitate around the new generation of the phone: the launch date and its type. And this is probably true on a global scale, although not said that all countries will have iPhone 3G at the same time.

At this point it seems very likely that the sequence of times assumed by the main sources of information is the one expected: announcement and presentation of the iPhone 3G at WWDC (although a dedicated presentation for a product of this type might be imaginable), release of iPhone Firmware and SDK later this month with contextual launch of the new generation phone. The most likely date of the sale could be June 27, Friday, a moment that would also be symbolic because it would drop the launch of the new generation one year (almost exactly) from the presentation of the first iPhone and would give Apple the opportunity to create a media event on a planetary scale, one of those events that at practically zero cost reproduce the effects of an advertising campaign worth tens of millions of euros.

As for Italy, it remains to be seen whether Vodafone will have the phone at the same time as Tim. But all the signs available to date point in that direction.

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