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Swisscom, all done for iPhone

Swisscom, all done for iPhone logomacitynet1200wide 1

iPhone is also being announced in Switzerland. The French-language newspaper Le Matin reported on contacts now underway and about to be concluded.

The publication does not explicitly mention any representative of Apple or of the operators, but refers to sources internal to Swisscom. It would be the main carrier of the Confederation to have entered into the agreement with Cupertino for the sale of the mobile phone. The Swisscom name placed next to the iPhone is not new; It has long been suspected that it is the company (in addition to the rest of Fastweb's owner in Italy) that has the greatest chance of obtaining the right to sell the phone, but now there would also be a confirmation, if not official, at least unofficial.

Although formally asked by Swisscom, it reports that nothing has yet been defined, the likelihood that iPhone is now in place is heightened by the fact that Vodafone is a privileged partner of Swisscom itself.

In Switzerland, unlocked iPhone users are very numerous. Around 40 thousand. The reason why the Alpine country has not yet been officially included among those who will have iPhones, probably, in the fact that Apple has substantially entered into an agreement at European level with Vodafone alone, as well as with Tim, but the Italian case and the signature with Telecom's mobile arm at the same time as the one with Vodafone appears every day that passes more and more an exception that can only be explained by something that went wrong in programming. Vodafone for in Switzerland not directly present. It is very difficult for Apple to renounce the Confederation market in a short time, which is very rich and advanced in terms of cellular telephony.

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