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Photo Test & Comparison: iPhone 5 vs. Canon 5D Mark III


The iPhone 5 camera compared to a DSLR, specifically we have a photo comparison between the iPhone 5 and the Canon 5D Mark III

iPhone 5 arrived on the market with one 8 MegPixel camera, a resolution identical to the previous one iPhone 4S.

The choice of Apple made many fans of the "apple" turn up their noses, but, as we well know, the resolution of a camera is not the only thing that determines the quality of the shots. On the contrary: often and willingly, when the sensor has too high a resolution, the photos have a lower quality than we would expect, because the size of the sensor is not large enough for the resolution with which it is equipped (try taking photos with a compact 16MP and one 12MP, you will notice that the 12MP one, in 90% of cases, takes better photos).

Returning to our iPhone 5, Apple's new smartphone, despite still having an 8MP camera, has been improved in various aspects in the photographic sector: lenses, optics have been changed, software improvements have been made and more . In short, iPhone 5, once again, an excellent smartphone for taking photos.

But will iPhone 5 compete against photos taken by a professional DSLR camera like a Canon 5D Mark III?

A well-known American photographer wanted compare iPhone 5 with its professional Canon. The results are impressive: even if, as it should be, the Canon 5D Mark III beats the iPhone 5 on all fronts, the amazing thing that the iPhone 5 cameramanages to hold the comparison without too many problems.

To take a closer look at the pictures, goon the Dustin Curtis websitewhere you can admire all the small details and make yourself an idea of ??the exceptional quality of the iPhone 5 camera.

From a professional's point of view,the camera of a phone never beat a DSLR, but for "amateur" photographers, who use the smartphone above all to take some souvenir photos and perhaps be uploaded immediately on the main social networks, the iPhone 5 camera remains truly exceptional.

Here, for completeness, the comment of Dustin, professional photographer who took the photos:

I did a quick, informal test of the iPhone 5s camera against a professional DSLR. I purposefully chose a composition that had a lot of harsh light and various colorful objects at varying distances. Below is a photo directly from the iPhone 5 followed by one from the Canon EOS 5D Mark III with a 50mm lens at f / 2.8.

The metering and focusing on both cameras was spotted directly on the no stopping sign.

The results are pretty amazing the iPhone takes worse photos but it certainly stacks up against a $ 4,000 professional camera. And, although the photos from the iPhone are significantly noisier, it has fantastic automatic metering. Click the photos to enlarge.

And here, below, the shots in question:

iPhone 5:


5D Mark III:


I'm curious to know your opinion about it.

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