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Phase, play music on iPod. The review

febrero 10, 2020


Phase is a game that traces the path of music video games in fashion today, a genre culminating with the now well-known Guitar Hero. With Phase we will have to follow the rhythm of our favorite songs directly on the iPod, using the click wheel controls, in order to score as many points as possible. Baster populates the appropriate playlist, allow iTunes time to analyze the songs and upload them to the iPod.

Audio & VideoFrom an audio point of view, Phase can certainly enjoy everyone's personal library (plus some special tracks from the game), an aspect that makes the game's soundtrack the best possible soundtrack. The graphic sector, on the other hand, is very essential, very colorful but without particular special effects or over the top; nice backgrounds that follow one another during the passage of the songs, and that accompany the player's musical journey.


Game & PlayWe admit that the judgment on Phase is very personal: the game of Mtv Games – Harmonix in itself does not offer great depth of gameplay, placing as its sole purpose the precision in following the notes and in achieving the best possible score, all through the click-wheel , in this case precise and effective. They help the presence of more difficulty levels for the same song and the availability of two game modes ("single session" and "marathon").

The fact of being able to play with your favorite songs can make the game very addictive, at the same time combining musical listening with immediate playful video entertainment; in other ways, the game offer may be a little insubstantial for the more savvy user; the same rhythmic analysis of the passages, in the writer's opinion, sometimes seems to be a little rough and not very tracing the passage in question.

ConclusionWe could recommend Phase to those looking for a musical video game that allows a few hours of fun, even scattered here and there. Uninteresting, however, for those looking for something a little deeper and longer lasting.

iPodNet Rating: 2.5 out of 5

Pro– Play with your favorite music – Direct involvement

Versus– Little varied gameplay – Longevit not guaranteed

Phase compatible with iPod nano 3G, iPod classic and iPod video, and can be purchased on the iTunes Store starting from this link.

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