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Palm focuses on corporations

febrero 10, 2020

Palm bets on corporations – Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

Palm is counting on the corporate market to revive its image, affected by recent financial downturns, and its sales. This is the gist of the speech that Carl Yankowski gave yesterday in New York, called to keep the keynote of PC World. The CEO of the Santa Clara company has focused a large part of his speech on the alliances that Palm is entering into with realities that can give a tangible advantage in the adoption of the standard in companies that in the USA often equip their employees with laptops or PDAs. Among the most significant agreements to note is the start of the marketing of Extended Systems' XtndConnect network software with the Palm brand. The package will allow you to create network systems capable of creating a network with Palm computers allowing, in fact, the use of PDAs to support various business activities. Recall that Palm has negotiated the purchase of Extended for a long time, only to give up on the well-known budget problems.Yankowski then said he was very confident about the possibility of Palm growth even at the expense of real laptops. "PDAs – he said – are able to perform all the basic functions for which a laptop is used." Palm will then work closely with Panasonic to further implement the Secure Digital standard, an expansion port that allows the connection of small memory. In the context of the day, Xircom, an Intel-controlled company, presented a wireless network card for the Palm m500; The same product has long been marketed for Handspring and Compaq. Regarding the competition with PocketPc Yankowski was a lapidary state: “To date we have sold 15 million PDAs with PalmOs against just one million PocketPc. The numbers speak for themselves ”The Palm crisis and its consequences and causes are discussed in a thread of our forum. Make your voice heard

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