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Motorola, goodbye?

febrero 10, 2020

Motorola, goodbye? – Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

Apple could purchase the entire PPC sector from Motorola for a little over 1100 billion within the next year. This is the most sensational of the claims contained in what MacOs Rumors, a site dedicated to rumors, claims to be a letter from an Apple employee. The mysterious "insider" wrote in response to some hypotheses on the disposal by Motorola of some PPC projects and, admitting that in some ways the company from Schaumburg in Illinois leaves something to be desired in the implementation of new technologies, he claims that Apple would have the opportunity to cope with any further slips of the partner. Among these, in fact, he would have the option to purchase entirely the assets of the company involved in developing PPC chips and transfer them internally taking care of the study of new processors. A first step would have already been taken in recent months. In Cupertino there would already be a team of engineers working on the design of the G5 and Apple would have invested $ 50 million for a 0.10 micron chip screen printing technology. Finally, to project the G3 7450 at 733 MHz Jobs would have deployed a substantial number of its employees on the project, overcoming the impasse in which Motorola had found itself. It is difficult to say whether these rumors, which would have sensational, are true. Certain aspects appear undoubtedly plausible; relations between Apple and Motorola have certainly not been easy over the past 24 months, at the same time Motorola appears to be increasingly interested in another type of processor than those intended for desktops; Finally, from Schaumburg no one has yet said that it will become of PPC after the G5, whose release is scheduled for the beginning of next year. Last winter, Apple also publicized the search for personnel for the development of microprocessors. It is therefore possible that Apple has opened an alternative way to continue using RISC processors based on PPC technology thinking that Motorola may suddenly leave the field. The lack of proper chip manufacturing facilities would not be a problem. As The Register n Transmeta (which uses IBM plants) n ARM have their own factories, the partnership with IBM that will continue to produce PPC processors could be of great help. So much so as to have already provided a roadmap for its chips up to 2 GHz. Before the "doomsday" arrives, for Mac users, again according to the letter sent to MOSR, they must expect significant news. first will be versions of the current 800 and 933 MHz G4s on the launch pad for the next Expo in July. The low end version will be a 733 MHz G4 also available in dual version. A 1 GHz version will finally be available later in early September and will be presented at Seybold. The self-styled Apple employee then claims that some specimens of G5 are already in beta testing both inside and outside of Apple. The useful speed reached would be 1.33 GHz but versions of 1.5 and 1.6 GHz are already available even if not yet stable as expected from a commercial processor. According to the letter, the first Macs with G5 will be presented at the San Francisco Expo. The task of implementing the G5 design at that point could be entrusted to Apple which would use IBM technologies. In turn, Big Blue would begin to work on the G6 from over 2 GHz whose design could no longer be implemented as in the past in collaboration with Motorola, but with Apple.

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