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IPhone grant, At & T contracts multiplied by two

febrero 10, 2020

IPhone grant, At & T contracts multiplied by two – Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

If At & T were to subsidize iPhone, phone sales could double. The estimate by Tony Sacconaghi, an analyst at Bernstein Research who presented his clients with a report on the hypotheses of the past few days that revolve around a hypothetical $ 200 discount on the recommended retail price.

The doubling of sales hypothesis elaborated by Sacconaghi is based on what happened to other telephones when they were subsidized. The Razr doubled sales when it went from $ 500 to $ 150 and doubled them again when the price went from 150 to 100. A doubling of sales, and this is the most interesting aspect, would completely cancel the reduction in turnover because it would lead to At & T twice as many customers with contracts. According to Sacconaghi, about $ 720 more (over the two-year contract) from an iPhone customer than from a customer of another phone comes from an iPhone customer.

Sacconaghi also believes that At & T by virtue of the 3G phone could also increase the cost of the unlimited data plan from 20 to 30 $ which would be less than what an unlimited data plan costs for Blackberry. The operator could then justify this increase with the greater amount of data that is drawn from the network thanks to third generation telephony.

Like everyone (including this site) Sacconaghi believes that if there is a subsidized iPhone there must also be an unlocked iPhone and this could also be an advantage for Apple that could sell many more phones. Sacconaghi estimates that currently up to 50% of iPhones sold would have been unlocked and used on networks not provided by Apple.

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