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iPhone 2.0 beta recognizes Chinese writing

febrero 10, 2020

iPhone 2.0 beta recognizes Chinese writing – Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

iPhone prepares for China. For now it is not an interface in Chinese or, even more sensational, some partnership for the most populous country in the world, but the ability to recognize writing in ideograms.

To report the news, a Chinese website Wretch that publishes several screenshots that confirm the news, present in the new beta of firmware 2.0 available for accredited iPhone developers.

The recognition of Chinese characters is available after selecting the Chinese language as input. While the user draws the desired sign with the finger on the screen, iPhone offers 4 possible alternatives thus speeding up the insertion procedure.

In addition to the novelty of a specific function for the Chinese market (in addition to the hundreds of millions of people who use Chinese to speak and write and do not live in China) there is also the novelty of the recognition of writing. Currently iPhone is unable to interpret the touch and translate it into characters; so it is possible that handwriting recognition may be one of the future iPhone features that is being tested with Chinese.

Recall that Apple with Newton was one of the most advanced companies in this field. The technologies, which were initially not very functional, were refined and subsequently brought to Mac Os X where they are not used in any commercial system.

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