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Installer 3.1, searches for applications on iPhone and iPod touch

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The always active "artisan" development community on iPhone and iPod touch has finally introduced one of the most interesting features for the now essential Installer, the fundamental application for anyone who wants to implement their multitouch device with third-party software (obviously distributed in a "clandestine" way).

Until recently it was possible to access the Installer applications only through a list in alphabetical order, which had to be followed from the beginning to the end to find the program that the user wanted to control or install on his device. For example, if the user wanted to install a program such as Tap Tap Revolution, it would be necessary to scroll the list up to the letter "T".

With the new version of the Installer (3.1), the effort will be spared: the application selection menus will finally integrate the search bar, where it will be sufficient to type the name of the desired application to reach it in the blink of a finger. 'very useful function that helps to improve the functionality of the highly appreciated Installer.

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