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In iPhone 2.0 firmware 3G option

febrero 10, 2020

In iPhone 2.0 firmware 3G option – Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

If there was still need for proof that the upcoming iPhone 3G this comes from version 2.0 of the firmware within which the option to disable or enable Umts (or Hsdpa) reception was found.

To find out the menu, a developer working on the new firmware version, beta 5. The option is hidden and therefore not accessible if the firmware is installed following normal procedures, but by digging into the code, you find not only the interface with the "slide" switch, but also a series of text strings that should be part of the preferences.

An interesting aspect to note is that the 3G activation option accompanied by a warning on battery consumption, greater than the Edge. As is known, one of the elements that led Jobs to postpone the launch of the 3G model had been the excessive consumption of batteries; even if the new generation processors (iPhone should use Infineon's SGOLD3H) should consume less than last year's, they are still not on a par with the current draw that an Edge or Gprs chip could have.

Another interesting detail in perspective that firmware 2.0 will be used by both the 3G model and the current model. There will therefore not be two different versions of the software for operating the phone as might have been expected.

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