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iCarta +, iPhone "bathroom" dock for Mother's Day (!)

febrero 10, 2020

You don't know what to give to your mom for the upcoming Mother's Day? Obviously the ideal gift is a dock-toilet paper holder for the iPhone! We are not making fun of you: this is exactly the advice that AFT, the company that does not pay for the now legendary iCarta, has decided to offer the iCarta in "plus" version.

From today the fantastic ideal gadget for every bathroom will also be compatible with the Apple mobile phone and will also integrate an 8-hour rechargeable battery, in addition to the usual mains power supply.

Yes … in short … you can listen to your music even in the moments of greatest urgency, even if you are away from home, perhaps even in order to return to the right musical dimension for the "need" of the case.

We realize that someone can feel the need to spread their music library even when they usually find themselves alone; a little less comprehensible the proposition of the gift as an ideal present for Mother's Day, perhaps more a commercial strategy than a weighted marketing choice.

If in any case someone wants to amaze their mother, the iCarta + on sale on the AFT website at a cost (on offer) of 70 dollars.

For those in a hurry to give it given the imminent opportunity you can find iCarta + at the iStuff stores in Milan and Riccione which has always sold the product in Italy.

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