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HomePod 2, this year the low cost version arrives

By Giacomo Martiradonna Monday 10 February 2020

The successor to HomePod is expected to arrive this year. However, it will be less sophisticated and much less expensive.

it has been talked about for some time, and maybe something is really going to move. Apple may launch a new model soon HomePod at a bargain price to compete with fierce competition.

HomePod, Echo and Home: smart speakers and privacy risks

HomePod, Echo and Home: smart speakers and privacy risks

An Amazon speaker recorded a user's private conversations, and has them sent without his knowledge to one of his contacts. These are the risks associated with the presence of smart speakers in your own home.

At present HomePod, Apple's smart speaker, available only in the US, UK and Australian markets priced at $ 299, following the $ 50 cut in April 2019. And although nobody knows the exact sales figures (Apple iglobes them in the "Wearables, Home, and Accessories" segment which also includes the best-selling Apple Watch and AirPods, and therefore does not text), it is estimated that overall HomePod holds a paltry 5% of the market.

The problem the cost to the user. Where in fact Amazon and Google have price points to tickle all portfolios, Apple has focused exclusively on its favorite segment, namely the high profile and high margin segment. Too bad that, to turn on a light bulb, you don't need sophisticated audio beamforming technologies, dynamic sound processing, 7 horn tweeters and 6 long range microphones; often an inexpensive 25 Echo Dot on offer it's enough, not to mention that many already have decent speakers to connect via cable or Bluetooth, and all that is asked in the end only a trivial smart microphone.

Therefore, Bloomberg writes, Apple has eaten the leaf, and has started working on a cheaper "HomePod that could arrive within the next year. The new model will probably have only two tweeters (…), compared to 7 in the current HomePod "which will lower the price for the end user a lot. In the meantime, however, the original model cannot yet be purchased in our country.